Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Oh Bugger

Hmm this isn't going to help get the trike on the road :-(

I didnt ask for it (though i have been reading about classic mobylettes - so I guess you really do have to be careful what you wish for) - it kinda just happened. Eldest daughter called me one afternoon and asked me if i wanted a Vespa..... there is only one answer to that...... then she said "OK, I'll tell him" rang off and the rest is history.
Turns out that Ashley's dad had told Ashley to 'get that thing out of my garage!' (it had been standing there for a couple of years) Daughter had overheard Ashley mention his dilemma, and being the darling that she is, she thought of me :-)
So with the help of Sams dad (come on keep up with the names!) and his Landrover and trailer, we all went round to Ashleys dads house and took it away. Ashley didnt want anything for it (turns out he only paid 20 for it 2 years ago), so all was cool with me.
It all seems to be there, turns over, got a spark - but probably needs a 2-stroke carb clean.
What am i going to do with it? Well certainly not let it dominate my money, time or trike space - but i reckon its worth investing a few hours to get going..... another few hours to get it through a MOT ...... and then think about what to do next. Do I fancy it for getting around? well I dont have a car, and fuel is expensive so maybe its a timely gift?

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TREVOR said...

you need to pratice saying NO!

Actually I'm pleased that you never do it allows me to have new interests all the time. It also has the advantage I can say "I wouldn't have done that"

Good luck